Sunday, June 7, 2015

Episode 03: How Wasted Do You Need To Be To Hit This?

Hosts Danny and Chris recap how the podcast is going and shout out to a number of active social media followers.  They are also joined by a big Tenderloins Fan, Amy, who talks about her experience at the live What Say You show at the Wild West Comedy Fesitval in Nashville.  To close the episode the guys recap the 8th episode from Season 1: Who Arted?


  1. Loved the new episode!
    This podcast was an amazing find.
    Its brilliant, keep recording.
    Twitter: @gina_maggie

  2. Awesome show guys...I was lucky enough to go to the Live WSY Pod in Nashville- it was great seeing the guys and the dating game with Ian and special quest from TESD Brian Maxwell. They nailed it, so glad I was there to see the lost show. Amy did a amazing job describing the afternoon.