Sunday, June 14, 2015

Episode 04: Have You Ever Been Somewhat Intimate With A Stuffed Animal?

Hosts Danny and Chris discuss Danny's night at the Impratical Jokers Staff Infection show.  He gives a recap of the show and talks about his encounters with both Murr and Joe!  The guys then discuss Season 2 Episode 10: The Truth Hurts.  The conversation includes top moments from the episode, punishment rating, and Most Valuable Tenderloin.  To close out the show, they guys shout out some of The Tenderloins biggest fans!


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  2. I'm all caught up. I love it!!! It's cool to see there are fans out there that are my age (33) and married. I was beginning to feel like a teeny bopper being such a huge fan. Anyway, keep up the great work. I'll keep retweeting on Twitter. I'm @yakin_court. (Like kayaking)